We create films for foodies.*
Made from high quality photographs, set to exciting music, with a musical feel and an aesthetic like no other.

Please get in touch to speak to us about creating the perfect video for your product or company!

We have over ten years of experience creating high quality (FullHD, 1080p50) videos. We specialize in making films from still-pictures. For maximum impact, to grab the audience and get them out of their seats. Please see our reel for a first impression and contact us personally to inquire about your project.

We have worked for events like the EFSS (European Food Service Summit, Zürich) or Hamburger Preis, the Foodservice Forum at the Internorga, the Zuckerhut event (Munich), the Frankfurter Preis and many other occasions.

We provide individual service, cooperate with brilliant photographers, select or create music as needed and give you fast prototypes to make sure everything that’s important to your brand is included in the finished product.

The photographs for most of our films were taken by Thomas Fedra (unless noted otherwise).

* If you are not a foodie, don’t despair: we also do retail, products, action and more.